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Nutcracker Registration

After completing this form, pay the $25 audition fee in the BBT Store.

Dancer's Information:

Dancer Experience:

Parent/Guardian Information:

Emergency Contact Information:

Audition and Contract Fees

I agree to pay all audition and contracts fees when due. Fees can be paid through the BBT store or at the audition. At the audition, we can accept check, credit/debit card, and exact cash payments.

Family Contract Dancers: Both the costume fee and half of the contract fees are due Aug. 26, 2023. The Audition Fee will be applied to the Costume Fee. Balance due by Oct. 1.

  $25.00 - Costume Fee. 

  $115.00 - Family Contract Fee - Dancers aged 3 - 4. Amount due by Aug. 26: $57.50

$150.00 - Family Contract Fee - Dancers aged 5 - 9. Amount due by Aug. 26: $75.00.

$200.00 - Family Contract Fee - Dancers aged 10 and older. Amount due by Aug. 26: $100.

Company Contract Dancers: The Company Contract Fee for the full BBT season is $400.00. The Audition Fee will be applied to the balance owed for the Company Contract. Payments are due in four installments of $100 each. Due dates are Aug. 26, 2023 Oct. 1, 2023  Jan. 21, 2024, and Mar. 1, 2024.


Refund Policy

If a dancer withdraws from The Nutcracker performance, refunds will be based on the following date schedule:

  • September 15 - All Contract fees for the performance will be refunded.

  • October 1 - Any payments exceeding 50% of total Contract fees owed for the performance will be refunded. 

  • October 16 - No refunds for the performance will be provided.

  • The Audition/Costume fee is not refundable.

Hold Harmless

I agree to hold Benicia Ballet, Inc and Benicia Ballet Theatre (BBT), their premises and personnel harmless for any losses, damages, or liabilities attributable to the negligence of any agent or employee of Benicia Ballet, Inc or BBT or any third party affiliate of the school. The assignee agrees that they have doctor's permission for their child or self to engage in these dance rehearsals and productions and/or the assignee takes sole responsibility for participation in these activities.

Photo Release

PHOTO RELEASE: I hereby grant permission to Benicia Ballet, Inc and Benicia Ballet Theatre to use photographs and/or video taken in 2022-2023 for publications, news releases, online, and in other communications related to our mission.

Consent for Medical Treatment

As the Parent, Agency Representative, Or Legal Guardian, I hereby give consent to Benicia Ballet, Inc and Benicia Ballet Theatre to provide all emergency medical or dental care prescribed by a duly license physician (MD) or dentist (DDS) for:

In the event of a Medical Emergency Benicia Ballet Inc. and their personnel will make every effort to contact Parent/Guardian and Emergency contacts supplied at the time of registration.  If Benicia Ballet Inc. and/or their personnel are unable to contact Parent/Guardian or Emergency contacts you grant permission to Benicia Ballet inc. to summon Medical Treatment deemed necessary by Benicia Ballet Inc. and their personnel.

This care may be given under whatever conditions are necessary of preserve the life, limb, or well-being of my dependent.
Optional Information
Please consider disclosing any previous or existing injuries or physical conditions, medications, allergies or conditions of which Benicia Ballet, Inc and Benicia Ballet Theatre needs to be aware.

Unable to Attend Audition
Fundraising Event

BBT will begin a fundraiser, all show participants must contribute to the fundraiser. All proceeds will go towards the expenses of producing the performance.

"By submitting this form, I understand that I am required to complete the 2023-2024 Medical Consent and General Information form before rehearsals begin, and pay the $25 audition fee."

*Students of Benicia Ballet and Dancer's participating in the 2023-2024 season do not need to complete additional forms or registration after this is completed.

Thanks for submitting!

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